About our company

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Who We Are?

Metrics Work is a Digital Agency based in Jakarta with aim to empower business engagement through innovative digital solutions. We are a super team that focus on creating intimate connection between brand and its audience

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Our Vision

In the future where everything will be digital, we believe that it has to be sustainable. And for us, Digital is the answer to ensure Better Quality of life.


Our Mission

Business Engagements are set of communications in order to connect with your costumer. We will help to empower the engagements by implementing best digital practices innovatively.

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Our Philosophy

As a full service digital agency, we offer broad range of services tailored to your needs and specifically aimed to achieve your goals. We believe that your happiness in working.

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Our Methods

We combine scientific and creative approach through knowledge, data, design, technology, and behaviour to measure a brand’s business sustainability in this digital era


Our Jobs

As a professional digital agency, we’re commited to excel and passionate to go beyond expectations in solving our clients’ tough challenges.

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